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  • Personal Interview New York Crazy Talent Girl  in TV Show Music Reports at Formosa Television in Taiwan 2016

  • Personal Interview The story of Fang Liu at TV Show New York Lounge at Sinovision TV Channel 2015

  • Personal Interview Musician’s life-Performance and Education at Radio Show Happy 1 pm at ICN International Radio Station 2014

  • Interview article Believing Miracles-The story of Vivian Liu from one of the biggest Magazines COSMOPOLITAN  (China district) December 2014

  • Interview article The Rising Star-Vivian Fang Liu by Asian Fusion Magazine 2012

  • Numerous articles on Newspapers and Magazines, such as Singtao Daily, World Journal, China Press, BLINK new music magazine, New York School News, Etc.


Ms. Liu collaborated with many American and Asian famous celebrities such as,


  • The founder of VH1 Channel Ed Bennett

  • The six times American National Composition Competition winner Roland Davis

  • The legendary Taiwan singer Lee E-jun 李翊君

  • The Best-Supporting Actress Award Winner in 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards Mimi Chu 朱咪咪

  • Hongkong famous actress, singer Adia Chan 陈松伶

  • All-time hits Singer Qi Qin 齐秦

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