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Award Winning Children's Album

Shape of Crowns

​Vivian Fang Liu

Shape of Crowns Cover-TuneCore.png

" I wanted to make an album that Asian American children can relate to, and a message to all children that music unites people together "


Shape of Crowns

​All the shapes are paramount, make your own kind of crown

An Album for Children’s Music Education that embodies how we, as humans have come into this world in all shapes, sizes, and colors and yet each one is unique and special in their own way. Shape of Crowns guides children, how to embrace those differences and unite together.

Throughout Vivian Fang Liu's teaching career, she has realized that there is not enough music for children across of the diverse cultures spread throughout the world.  Each of the songs on the Shape of Crowns album leaves the listener with an important message within the lyrics.  The lessons she incorporates into her songs have a connection to spreading cultural awareness with music that brings children together from all different nationalities and backgrounds.

Music Unites

"Everyone has her/his magic power. If we work together, we make a better world"

        Vivian Fang Liu, Award-winning Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Grammy voting member and Educator.
        Ms. Liu holds two master's degrees in Music Education from Teachers College Columbia University and Classical Piano Performance from New York University. Her performance venues include Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Hammerstein Hall in New York, St. John Smith Hall in London, and Mozart Hall in Vienna.
        Ms. Liu has been invited to sing the American national anthem multiple times at the Professional baseball MLB and basketball WNBA games at Citi Field Stadium and Barclays Center in New York. She was also invited to perform at Gracie Mansion, the former New York Mayor Bloomberg's residence on the NYCHA Celebration Day. Ms. Liu was invited to Perform as a special guest for many famous singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan in their North American tour concerts.
       Ms. Liu serves as an adjudicator at the festival of NYSSMA New York State School Music Association. She has also been invited to serve as a judge in many local and international competitions, including: Global Youth Musical Instrumental Competition, BMTG International Piano Competition, U.S. Youth Talent Competition, New York Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant Talent Competition and many more.


8 immortals kids singers.JPG

       In Composition, Ms. Liu’s original single "Listen to Beethoven" won the Silver Award of Singer-songwriter category at the Global Music Awards in 2018.
        In Education, her students have won numerous awards in national and international piano, vocal and composition competitions. The awards include the First Prize in 2020 Steinway and Sons National Competition, First Prize in the piano category of the 2020 Florida Keys International Music Competition,  First Prize in 2020 US New Star Piano Competition, First prize in 2019 New York Global International Music Competition, First prize in 2018 American Protégé International Music Competition, Gold medal in 2018 CCTV Super Baby Talent Competition, First Prize in 2011-2015 New York State Youth Composition Competition, etc. Ms. Liu’s students were invited to perform 45 times at the Carnegie Hall for the past a few years.

       In Music Research, Her music research paper was accepted and was invited to present her paper Asian American Music Education at the 12th Asia-Pacific Music Education Research Conference in 2019,Ms. Liu was invited to present at the 34th World Music Education Conference in Finland on the topic of Chinese children’s music education and Chinese women’s music career development in the United States.
       In Music production, Ms. Liu works as a producer and project contractor with music business around the world. Her clients including ByteDance, Ltd., the parent company of TikTok and many more.  ​

​Children Choir from my hometown, they need to climb mountains to go to school


"Though her songwriting expertise and expressive voice are visible in her album, educating children through song is another talent, and passion, Liu holds dear. "

​   - Am New York Metro


"Vivian Fang Liu is a rising star with an amazing talent. "

      -  Asian Fusion               Magazine


" Between topics involving Asian discrimination, stereotypes, and

the Coronavirus pandemic, Liu cleverly meshed important connections to modern-day reality within her music."

​- Manhattan Express


" Liu is a brilliant pianist, singer and educator. She is an innovator in music". 

​- World Journal



Silence is important in music, and, in life.

If I don’t talk, it doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts. People should have the choice to speak up, or not. And we should all respect each other, no matter which choice ones make.

People think Asians are silent - are we?


Stories of the Songs


2. Belong

Xenophobic-Forever Foreigner?


Where are you really from?

Go back to your country!

You are coronavirus!


There are thousands anti-Asian hate crimes happened from last year: the elderly and women were targeted due to racism and sexism. Parents are afraid to bring their children back to school. Through this song, I want to remind everyone about that the contributions that Asians have made to the United States and to the world.  I want Asian kids to be proud of themselves. I hope people can see these wonderful things that they haven’t seen before.



3. Shape of Crowns

Nothing about hierarchy here.

There is not just one way to live.


We come to the world as different shapes of creatures. Everyone is unique and special as we need to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s differences.  


We should have our own ways and paths to make our own kind of “crown”. 


4. Bruce Lee Doesn’t Like Math

I like the title, haha! And I did my research, Bruce Lee didn’t like math. He loved poetry a lot besides martial arts.


You know, not every Asian is good at Math and Kungfu. I think it’s important to let children know that you can’t just assume.


Africa is not always hot, girls can play trombone, and kids don’t just play games on their ipads. You don’t need to live up to the society’s expectation, you can be anything you wanna be!


5. Fang Fang’s Potluck Party

I’m such a foodie! I looove to eat! Food brings people and cultures together, nothing is better than having a potluck party with good friends!


6. Happy Birthday Mama

This is a song about first and second generation immigrants’ families.


My mom is my role model – she is hardworking, warm hearted, resilient, and she sacrifices a lot for the family. In Chinese culture, we don’t really say “I love you”, but writing this song is my way to show my love to her.


The kids in the song are from my hometown Guiyang - they have to climb mountains to go to school. They have such beautiful voices, and I hope one day I can help them in some way. 


7. Eight Immortals Soaring Over the Sea

I was inspired by one of my favorite Chinese folklores. The story talks about how everyone has their own magic power. If we work together, we can make a better world!


8. Music Unites

This was the first song that I wrote for the album. I feel so strongly that music can unite people, especially during troubling times.

"Music has high notes, low notes, long notes and short notes - variety makes the music the finest!

Just like my friends: long hair, short hair, taller, smaller

variety makes the world the finest" ! 

I recorded with my good friends that I haven’t seen for years, and we had a blast. Music really brings us together!



​music brings people and cultures together

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